HAUNCEY ROMERO: Designer jeweler - gold and silversmith

Chauncey has been designing and making jewelry in Jacksonville since 1979 and specializes in originating one of a kind custom pieces. His design books contain a compilation of 18 years of designs. Some of these have been created and will not be reproduced, but many have never been created and may serve as a barometer for customer's ideas.

Chauncey meets with customers by appointment to discuss their design ideas and questions. Now due to the advent of e-mail, the world wide web, and fax machines, he also creates for customers at a distance.

Chauncey interprets customer's ideas and presents them with a colored rendering to scale as well as an estimate. The finished piece is then created. To see examples of renderings and the finished pieces please enter our Custom Gallery.

ADENA ROMERO: Partner and Buyer

Ladena and Chauncey have been husband and wife for 27 years.

Ladena is an accomplished stained glass artist. She and Chauncey worked the craft circuit for many years before opening the Silver Lining.

Ladena is the store coordinator and buyer. She works with artists, local crafts people, and their representatives and companies in buying the unique, quality pieces that we carry. To see some of these featured pieces, please visit our Featured Work section.

ILVER LINING = Selection, Quality, and Customer Service

Established 1978
Located in the National Historical District Town of Jacksonville, Oregon

Visit us in Jacksonville!

We specialize in quality and unique silver and gold handcrafted jewelry as well as a unique selection of gallery pieces. These include Raku and other pottery items created by local artists as well as alabaster and porcelain pieces. Watercolors and pencil sketchings by local artists are also featured. We carry one of the largest and most diversified selections of silver jewelry in the area. The jewelry includes items made by local and national craftspeople, as well as old Pawn and contemporary Native American pieces. We also carry a large and diverse collection of loose gems from all over the world.

For information on how to care for your jewelry, and for products available to help you keep your jewelry looking as beautiful as the day you purchased it, check out the Hagerty site.

Over the past 22 years, Silver Lining has established relationships with many loyal customers. It is not uncommon for Chauncey to create jewelry, including wedding sets, for customers who grew up watching their parents coming to him for everything from repair work to designing jewelry for anniversaries and other special occasions. At Silver Lining, we know that our customers are our lifeblood, and they can always depend on us for the best in customer service.

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